About Graceum Cabb

About Graceum Cabb

Graceum Cabb is a car rental and tour guide company based in Tokyo, Japan. Started as a local car rental company in the year 1999, it celebrates two decades of successful service delivery and commendable growth. The company has now broadened its scope to offer its services to more countries in Asia and Europe. It has evolved from a physical car rental company to an online company that collaborates with other companies to bring affordable services to the people.

Grace Cabin is a Canadian born citizen of Japan, who has stayed in Japan for over thirty years. She is the first child in a family of three and has always had a burning urge to travel the entire world since her childhood days. She used to go on road trips, camps, mountain climbing,  and nature walks. She’s a sportsperson too, very athletic and a famous champion of various extreme sports. Grace loves nature and decided to devote her life to serve mother nature in her unique style. One main problem that she encountered during her trips was the lack of adequate information concerning potential tourist destinations. That’s how she decided to start a blog that would give people more information concerning tourist destinations. She blogs about what to carry when travelling to different tourist destinations, as well as the cultures of different people in different parts of the world.  Her blog has recently hit the 500,000 mark in terms of followers, and she’s earning handsomely from it too.

Favorite destination

Her favourite destination is Africa, where she has visited thirty countries so far. Another special reason for liking Africa is because that’s where she met the love of her live, Umo Cabin from Nigeria. Mr Umo and Grace met in a casino, where they played against each other and fell in love. Mr Umo comes from a wealthy royal family in Nigeria, where everyone is a scholar. Him, on the contrary, chose to pursue the desire of his heart rather than spend the whole day in a boring office like the rest of his siblings. He’s also athletic and has a particular interest in horse racing and swimming. He enjoys playing casino games and camping. When he met Grace, he knew that he’d finally met his dream girl. The love couple’s story has left a mark in history, considering the kind of lifestyle they lived and their diverse backgrounds.  Apart from being life partners, they aim at showing the world that love knows no boundaries.

After three years of courting and travelling, they decided to tie the knot and continue travelling for the rest of their lives. They invested in Graceum Cabb for financial security, since a better part of their lives is spent on the road. They started the company with a few cars for hire, but now have a fleet of cars of different models and makes. They also conduct tour guides and have a great influence on the hospitality sector in Japan. Being lovers of gambling, they also have an online casino named Spinia that still operates in Japan only. They have plans for expansion to cover other countries as well.

Grace has an account in the Party casino and Leovegas, while Mr Umo is a loyal member of Roulette Japan. One special feature that gamblers enjoy in their dealings with the company is the gamblers’ discount on services that they are offered. Members of Spin Palace casino, which is owned by the couple, enjoy many more privileges. The couple has managed to portray how love, business, gambling and travelling can be made to work side by side.

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