Car rental and Tour Guide

Car rental

Car rental is a very critical business in the tourism industry. If you reach Japan and you have no means of moving about, just get in touch with us. Our rental cars are very affordable, and you’ll enjoy the services of a chauffeur if you need one, at an extra small fee. We have a wide variety of car models, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need for your travel needs. We also work in collaboration with car rental companies in other countries, to ensure that our loyal clients get perfect service regardless of their destinations. Through our online portal or the forum, you can make an order in advance and specify your country of choice. We’ll organize everything in line with your specifications, and even ensure that the car rental services provided a match with your movement schedule. For group tours, we have tour vans a lower cost than the rental tours. You can check out the other pages of our blog to go through the different packages that we have in store for you.

Tour Guide

Our tour guide package consists of different elements of hospitality. From hotel booking to tour booking, we do everything in line with your budget and schedule. We also provide our tourists with a comprehensive breakdown of the available tourist attraction sites in the specific countries that we cover. Since our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we also offer free advice based on our local knowledge of the destinations. Our customer care is very reliable and prompt, working round the clock to ensure you get help whenever you need it. We have highly qualified tour guides and chauffeurs with extensive knowledge of the local areas. Besides, our rates are very pocket-friendly, and any package you choose can be customized to meet your needs and budget. One thing that our clients often enjoy is the ability to freely choose a chauffeur and a tour guide since we do not like imposing our choices on customers. You will have the chance to view their profiles and arrange for online or physical interviews, to ascertain whether you want to hire them. You also reserve the decision to hire or not to hire the services of a tour guide and a chauffeur. However, considering that we have very strict policies regarding damages and accidents, we always recommend that clients use our services entirely as detailed in the packages.

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